Art Deco Coat

An amazing 1920's opera coat I believe the designer, who did a superb job, was French. The original artwork of the textile suggests a heraldry fleur de lis style pattern in a variety of shapes. Possibly Liberty & Co or Sonia Delaunay who in the 1920's created a range of designs including textiles and clothing. She adopted her vivid abstract paintings for her textile designs which were displayed in her coats and dresses. The original artwork is amazing; colors of pink, orange, turquoise blue and gold that are extremely rich and vibrant as the day it was made. The fabric is a woven silk possibly with a very very lightweight wool blend..the hint of metallic throughout the design makes the piece pop and creates an aura of uniqueness. The panne velvet is also quite amazing. Very very rich plush teal blue velvet. The collar and cuffs are ruched and padded for body and the collar can be raised up at neckline to be even more distinct. The lining throughout coat is the matching teal blue panne velvet. And although I cannot accurately provide an attribution at this time, I can say that this coat is an amazing work of art to collect or to wear. This is definitely a museum quality piece that showcases exceptional original artistry in fashion, a masterpiece of style and design, created in Europe in the early 1900's.

Condition: absolutely amazing condition; clean; crisp, colors very rich and vibrant. single covered button closure at neckline is a tiny bit discolored and unnoticeable. There are 4 tiny holes at back near hemline which are backed by the velvet lining and are very hard to distinguish. To the naked eye they are not apparent. You would have to look very close and scrutinize it. The coat had been very well cared for.

NOTE: colors are brighter in person than in photo long shots

Size: bust 45", sleeve: 24"; length: about: 47" shoulder: 17" . Note: May be a little oversized on

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