Possibly earlier than 20's full length Fortuny velvet coat. Designed with kimono inspired details with 2 large pieces comprising front and back. Fashioned of a rich gold panne velvet stenciled in silver. The motif is stenciled fully and richly throughout the coat. The pattern appears to be one of intertwining vines and flowers and I think a Persian influence. Pattern very similar to pic on page 86 of the book "Fortuny" by Descholdt and Poli. (see attached photos ) This coat would be considered a museum piece as it is in excellent condition and has not been altered in any way.

The coat is in lovely condition with no abrasions or flaws to the velvet; only a few tiny scattered spots which incorporate into pattern and go unnoticed. The lining is fashioned of a bluish green silk charmeuse and is an excellent contrast to the gold velvet. The lining is old but still wearable. I had my restorer put a china silk panel on back interior from neckline to almost mid back where it was splitting and worn. The original Fortuny label was then re-attached and placed again in its original location. There is a little area of charmeuse silk at hemline that is open but have left it as I think it will split if I tack it down. All-in-all, with the professional restoration, it is now quite wearable and ready to be shown off and admired:)

I realize this is a pricey fashion investment, but compared to many offered lately on the market, I think it's reasonable. This coat is full length approx. 45" not 3/4". Also, there is no 22% commission and, of course, you can trust me regarding condition, et al)

My asking price on this coat is $14,500. If you are interested, I would do $12,000 and also do payments.

I'm doing a vintage show this weekend but I'll be around if you want to ask questions etc:)