John Galliano fur coat

There are furs.... and there are furs. And then, there is this. Brand new and new worn. John Galliano oversized cocoon fur coat. Fashioned of luxurious plush luxe jet black mink of the finest quality. Adorned with huge oversized silver tipped fox standup collar. Designed with kimono inspired styling in the tradition of early teens -1920 coats of over-the-top designer, Paul Poiret. The body of the coat is fashioned of vertical pelts while the sleeves and wide hemline border are positioned horizontally.

The collar is approx 13.5-14" wide and extremely thick double faced fox collar. The entire body of the coat is so amazingly well designed that there are no visible seams so it appears as if the body of the coat was done in the round. Coat is designed to be worn without closures; Back dips longer, dramatically draped and hand pleated. Entire coat is coat on the bias. Concealed seam pockets on either side. 7" wide horizontal hemline.

Galliano started his Couture career at the House of Dior in 1997. In 1999 he continued to improve and expand his own signature line. This coat is from his first fur collection.

One size fits most: front length: approx. 42" or a bit longer; back length: approx 45-47: shoulders: approx 18"+; sleeve: approx. 25"; bust: approx. 44-45"+

Condition: You know I don't like to use the word pristine...but It really is:) Never worn just like new. From 1999 Galliano Fur Collection. Limited production and retailed at $40,000. Silk lined. Weight: approx: 10-12 lbs. Fur is lusterous and of the highest quality.

The avant garde, sexy and shock and awe designs of John Galliano are highly coveted particularly the 1980's and 1990's which are the collections that have the most impact and creativity. Considered a design prodigy since he designed his first collection in school he has the innate ability to delve into the old couture designer archives and recreate 18th century over-the-top dandyism with a complete twist. His love of bias cut and drape, Asian influences particularly the inspiration of designer, Paul Poiret makes Galliano's design creations exciting, surprising, not to mention amazingly innovative in his ability to create from the past presenting contemporary innovative designs with a twist.

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