Gaultier neoprene wetsuit

Jean Paul Gaultier black neoprene diving wetsuit fashion, from his Fall/Winter 1995-1996 Collection entitled "Horsewomen and Amazons of Modern Times".

This diving suit in neoprene, according to a Gaultier archivist in Paris, was inspired by the famous Australian "Mad Max" motion pictures, starring Mel Gibson.

The suit is fashioned of black neoprene with pink faux fur cuffs. Jacket has front velcro closure; neoprene pants have back zipper closure and velcro ankle closures. Also wide belt loops.

This highly imaginative "diver's wetsuit" with faux fur cuffs is an excellent example of Gaultier's juxtaposition of a utilitarian garment and high fashion. Wearing this creation, one can go directly from the ocean to a social event... or vice versa! Versatile designer eveningwear/beachwear!!!

A highly unusual and creative example of a 2-piece suit that is both an extremely wearable neoprene garment, normally associated with diver wetsuits, and an extreme fashion statement

Size: 6

Condition: excellent

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