Madame Gres

Featured in the Madame Gres exhibition at F.I.T. (NY)

Documented in book, "L'Art de Madame Gres", by Bunker Publishing Bureau, pg 131.

Madame Gres's sculptural grecian or slave dresses constructed of matte jersey were her signature trademark.... and there were different versions. The painstaking knife pleating was done by her hand and then stitched to follow the flow of the folds so that they gracefully followed and blended into each other. The inner bodice construction is quite complicated and sophisticated but in actuality the gown was made to be worn with comfort and ease. The construction is such, that one can be confident in avoiding a wardrobe malfunction:) This is an highly coveted piece, acquired from the Madame Gres estate. A wonderful acquisition for a museum, collector and also quite wearable. This is a piece that one might expect to find offered by major auction houses or in museum permanent collections.

One-of-a-kind Gres custom creation which is a runway sample based on the label with name Betty and model # 47. Fashioned of soft peach and ivory matte silk jersey with fitted knife pleated bodice with skirt gracefully extending into soft flowing folds. The cutout sides of the bodice is set from the interior to stay secure on the upper body. Neckline is intricately cut with 2 concealed tiny openings to allow for a perfect molded fit. Concealed back zipper closure. Intricate knife pleating is tight and the gown is in beautiful condition and amazingly clean. Though in appearance the design appears earlier, I would date this piece circa 60's to early 70's.

I can't think of any recent representative Madame Gres creation offered that is not only museum worthy but comes with perfect provenance and in excellent condition.

Condition: Excellent condition with no alteration. In addition to the labels there is also a tiny round metal tag which I believe was used to indentify runway pieces so they could be transported internationally without addition of tax.

Bust: to 28"(probably a bit larger); waist: 24"; hips: free; length: 60"+

Provenance: Madame Gres Estate

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