Gianni Versace

Rare circa 1994 notorious and iconic safety pin dress designed by Gianni Versace. A design that actress Liz Hurley made famous on the red carpet for the premiere of the movie "Four Weddings and a Funeral".

Fashioned of black silk in a style designed specifically to showcase the curves of a woman's body. Constructed to carefully stay in place on the body. In designing this creation Versace revisited the 1970's and 80's elements of style. In addition, he drew elements from punk and body hugging disco fashion. The result was a sleek sexy slashed body conscious dress with medusa crystal gold and silver safety pins which became Versace's signature stamp of over-the-top glamour and rebelliousness. The dress ... "has become a landmark in the history of the little black dress".

size: 40; to 32"; waist: 25"; hips: 34-35"; length: 58"

Condition: excellent

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