Gianni Versace/Andy Warhol

Long sleeve one shoulder Gianni Versace catsuit fashioned of silk and lycra spandex featuring the famous pop art Andy Warhol images of dead Hollywood icons of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. From the Spring/Summer 1991 Gianni Versace Collection that Versace himself designed. Versace selected these classic Warhol images that originated in the 60's and combined them together on silkscreened fabric creating his own textile. Other fashions from this collection are in museums and were also featured in the Met's Tribute to Versace exhibition Dec' 97 - Mar'98.

According to the Warhol Museum, "Andy Warhol used photographic silkcreen to create his famous portraits of Marilyn Monroe (... and other celebrities). This method of printing creates a very precise and defined image and allows the artist to produce a large number of prints with relative ease. To make these portraits, Warhol would first choose a photograph of a famous pop icon. He would find these images in either magazines, newspapers or he would use publicity photographs. The original image would be sent to a photo lab where a film positive would be made and then the image would be transferred to the silkscreen mesh using light sensitive emulsion. The silk screen is now ready to print and would be sent to Andy Warhol's Factory (studio). The process Andy Warhol used to create his portraits had two layers. First, the canvas would be under-painted. This means that before an image was silkscreened onto the canvas, colored paint was applied. This color might be solid, large swipes of multi-colored brush strokes or very defined shapes. Warhol's portraits of Marilyn Monroe are good examples of this process. The silkscreened image of Marilyn was printed last, on top of the layer of painted colors. Warhol created diverse and interesting effects by using this technique of under-painting. He painted Marilyn with a green face, yellow hair, and ruby red lips in one painting and a red face, white hair and yellow lips in another....."

Condition: catsuit is in excellent condition. Size: small; Garment is unlabeled and I guarantee its authenticity. I also happened to acquire it some time ago with a group of other labeled Versace fashions from the Miami area where Versace had a home.

Thrice famous, this Pop Art catsuit embodies the fame and fashion of Gianni Versace .... The fame and art of Andy Warhol ... and the fame and celebrity of Hollywood's Marilyn Monroe and James Dean.

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