Junya Watanabe

A rare absolutely gorgeous runway Junya Watanabe draped and ruched jacket from his 2008 Spring Collection. Actually, the attached runway photo is not nearly as gorgeous as the jacket is in person... and my photos are an acurate representation of the color and style. The jacket was produced in limited quantity as it was mostly hand made.

Jacket is fashioned of a cheerful pink poly, wool and rayon and is hand manipulated through the use of ruching, pleating and drape into a shape that is high fashion wearable! The gold edge detailing are strips of lace mounted on rose pink grosgrain ribbon interperted as very Chanel-like but... actually crafted into scrolled 18th century peplums in the back of the jacket. The style of the jacket is also very Chanel in the interior as well as the exterior...... actually, Watanabe did consult with the House of Chanel prior to designing this jacket. Unique in its interpretation and undeniably a Junya Watanabe signature piece!

Condition: Jacket is extremely substantial and very well made. Brand new; unworn. Jacket is crisp, clean and fresh. Retailed at $6,500 plus tax.

size: medium; bust: to 38.5"; waist: 32"; hips: approx. 38-40"; length: longest to 26" has 4 concealed front closures which can be easily moved for more room; shoulder: 16.5"

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