Scandalous Fashion
100th Anniversary Of The
Scandalous Bathing Suit

by Marilyn Glass

In 1908, Australian born swimmer and vaudeville performer, Annette Kellerman, caused a worldwide scandalous sensation and single-handedly changed the course of women's fashion when she appeared in public on a Boston beach wearing a tight-fitting, black woolen skin-revealing bathing costume and was arrested for indecent exposure.

As a result of the arrest and subsequent publicity she is credited with single-handedly freeing women from Victorian head-to-toe-cover-up-everything bathing attire, pioneering the one-piece bathing suit for women, and originating the era of modern women's swimwear.
Annette Kellerman's life was later chronicled in the 1950's movie, Million Dollar Mermaid, starring Esther Williams.

The Kellerman one-piece swimsuit is considered to be of major significance in the history of modern fashion and, in particular, the history of swimwear. Thus, in 1908, did one independent woman change the course of women's rights and women's fashion. 100 years ago.

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