The Fashion Designer


To be a successful high fashion designer requires knowledge, ability, talent and hard work.

Marilyn Glass possesses all of these attributes.

Bringing more than 15 years of vintage and modern fashion experience to designing she has encyclopedic knowledge of, and familiarity with, the designs of major couturiers and fashion designers spanning the 20th and 21st centuries.

Having extensive knowledge of, and experience with, the various stages of designing; creating a sample, patttern making, cutting, sewing, etc. - she has the ability to design and create high fashion couture.

Possessing a keen eye for dramatic entrance pieces, and being able to visualize how a garment will look and fit, she has the talent of a couture fashion designer.

Design concept
Marilyn Glass has a unique concept vis a via conventional fashion designing. As opposed to existing established major high fashion designers, who design full lines for every season and every year, she designs "pieces". She specializes in dramatic, timeless, beautiful and breathtaking high fashion eveningwear; ballgown skirts, gowns, jackets and coats. Her unique concept allows for a streamlined business model, bypassing most of the difficult, complicated, time consuming and expensive components of conventional fashion designing such as designing a full line, seasonal designs, multiple sizes and colors, marketing via department stores and boutiques, fashion shows, etc.

Marilyn Glass' concept is simple; eliminate the middleman and sell direct. By designing a number of dramatic couture "pieces" there is no need to produce multiple sizes and colors in advance (every sale is a custom made garment from a sample), no need for seasonal designing (just change the fabric). Marilyn Glass fashions can be marketing worldwide directly via one Marilyn Glass salon/boutique in Los Angeles (and one website). And there is no need for costly and hard-to-coordinate fashion shows.

Marilyn Glass creates and produces dramatic high style couture entrance pieces, designed for high budget 30-50 year-old fashionistas; fashionable women who are not fashion followers but fashion makers. Thus, unlike mass merchandizing and mass marketing, relatively few clients and customers are needed for success. How will she get clients and customers? Proper upscale publicity will drive high budget fashionistas to the Marilyn Glass salon and website. Not open to the public, business will be conducted at the boutique strictly by appt only.

Exclusivity is the key. And Marilyn Glass has the plan, the experience and the desire to establish, and maintain, the brand and exclusivity needed to create a successful niche and differentiate herself from other fashion designers, instead of competing with them.

Fashion is her passion
Marilyn Glass is an incredibly hard and efficient worker. Currently, as a prominent worldwide dealer in high style couture vintage and modern designer fashion, she is available for business from 7AM-11PM, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. She is known for providing exceptional personalized customer service to her clients and is expert in dealing with an upscale and very demanding clientele. She has honed her ability, skill and talent for controlling and effectively dealing with difficult personalities and is a master at successfully selling high end fashion and managing a high end business ... and thrives under high level pressure and "abnormal" conditions.

She has previously designed her own private label line of dresses, gowns and vests. Celebrity clients included Suzanne Somers, Sela Ward and George Clooney (vest).

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